Switzerland Business Visa from UK – Application, Requirements and Appointment Process

Switzerland business visa allows you enter the country for business-related activities like meetings and conferences for up to 90 days in 180-day period.

Switzerland attracts a large number of business professionals and companies due to its unique due to its distinct set of benefits that create an ideal atmosphere for business and innovation. Moreover, countries’ economic policies encourage entrepreneurship and growth of small-medium size enterprises. High quality of life and efficient infrastructure, make this European country a global hub for business.

Non-UK nationals who wish to do business in Switzerland but are from a nation without a visa-free travel agreement must get a Switzerland business visa.

What are the Switzerland Business Visa Requirements?

Original Passport with:

  • Minimum two blank pages
  • Validity of three months after you come back to UK
  • Issued within the last 10 years
  • Provide scanned copies of the first and last page of your passport along with the pages with previous travels

Two Passport-sized Photographs

  • 35mm in width and 45mm in height
  • Head must cover 80% of the photo
  • Colour photo against white or grey background
  • Taken within the last six months
  • Previous passport copies if any

Switzerland Business Visa Application Form

  • Completely and correctly filled visa application form.

Flight Itinerary

  • Detailed flight route which includes information like flight name and number, departure/arrival time and booking number for round trip.

Hotel Bookings

  • It serves as a proof of your accommodation and you have to provide the name of the hotel and dates of reservation.

Cover Letter

  • Cover letter should be formal, brief and must clearly have all the required information about the nature of your business. It is also recommended to include any additional documents that support your business visa application.

Travel Medical Insurance

  • Travel insurance covers the emergency expenses that may occur due to urgent health reasons, medical attention, hospital treatment or in case of repatriation. Minimum coverage must be of 30,000 Euros.

Proof of Financial Means

  • You need to prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay in Switzerland. You can provide recent bank statements, letter from your employer or pay slips or tax return file.
  • In case your organization sponsoring your trip in that case you have to provide sponsorship letter.

How to Book Switzerland Business Visa Appointment?

Are you planning a business trip to Switzerland? With us you can be sure of an efficient and seamless experience. Our dedicated team ensures a smooth travel process by guiding you throughout the application process. You can simply focus on your business as we are here to assist you at every step of the way. Apart from securing all the documents required for Switzerland business visa, we can also help you secure the appointment.

For UK residents planning to conduct business in Switzerland, here is a simple step-by-step guide to obtaining the appointment and visa.

  1. Gather Required Documents: Create a Switzerland visa checklist pdf or note and compile all the necessary documents for your business visa.
  2. Complete the Application Form: Fill your visa application form with all your accurate and up-to-date information. Then pay online to reserve the appointment slot.
  3. Book an Appointment: We will book your express visa appointment at the nearest TLS visa centre.
  4. Attend the Visa Appointment: Attend the appointment with all your documents and provide your biometric information like fingerprints and digital photo.
  5. Pay the Visa Fees: Pay your visa fees using your card on the day of appointment and receive your visa within 7-8 working days.

We can provide personalized assistance tailored according to your specific circumstances. With our guidance, getting a Switzerland business visa from UK is a hassle-free process that will get you on the way of business meetings in Switzerland with confidence and peace of mind.

What is Switzerland Business Visa Processing Time?

Depending on your country and the type of visa you are requesting—for example, a long-stay or short-stay visa—the processing time for Switzerland visa varies. Generally a short-stay business visa takes 7-8 working days, while the long-stay visa process usually takes 8-10 working days.

What is the validity of Switzerland Tourist Visa?

Validity of business visa to Switzerland gets affected by a number of factors including whether this is your first application or you have applied and been approved many Schengen visas in the past. Switzerland generally grants visas for stays of three months to two years or more, but the maximum duration in a single visit is 90 days.


Q. Can I travel to all Schengen countries with a Switzerland Schengen Visa?

A. Yes, with a Switzerland Schengen visa, you can travel to all other Schengen countries as per the Schengen visa agreement.

Q. Do I need residency permit to get Switzerland visa?

A. Yes, as a non-UK citizen you need residency permit to get your business visa.

Q. Which Schengen countries I can enter with Switzerland visa?

A. Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden along with Switzerland.

Q. How do I get to Switzerland from the UK?

A. You can travel via flight, train and even car. Eurostar is the fastest train which connects with the Swiss transport system efficiently.