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Switzerland Visa Documents UK

Switzerland Schengen Visa applicants must carry the below-mentioned required documents that have to be latest and accurately verified by the governing authority of the variable countries that they belong to. The documents that they carry to the Embassy are mandatory in order to get a Switzerland Tourist Visa approval, contradictory fact is that any misleading information or an error may delay your approval and may also lead to its rejection. Switzerland Visa helps the tourists to fulfill all the Switzerland visa requirements in regards with documentation procedure and makes sure the documents submitted are up-to-date as asked by the Embassy or Consulate.

Whether you are a UK resident, a student residing in the UK or your spouse is a UK national, we will provide you with continuous and instantaneous guidance to fulfill the set requirements for the issuance of Switzerland Schengen Visa by the Swiss Embassy or Consulate without any hassle or difficulty.

The document requirements for Switzerland Visa UK are enlisted below:

  1. Hotel Accommodation

    Proofs of accommodation bookings are required at the Embassy to ensure your place of stay during your voyage to Switzerland.

  2. Proof of Transportation

    It is mandatory for the Switzerland Schengen Visa Applicants to present the proof of transportation. It may include travel bookings such as train/bus/flight/ferry bookings or other specified documents related to their travel via car asked by the Embassy or consulate.

  3. Proof of Income

    Proof of the ways of income must be submitted to the Embassy to ensure that tourists can sustain their life in Switzerland during their entire journey.

  4. Marriage Certificate

    If the applicant’s trip to the country is sponsored by his/her spouse, the original as well as a copy is required to prove the marriage. (In case, the certificate is issued outside of EU then it should be translated to English)

  5. Insurance Requirements

    Medical and travel insurance documents of Switzerland Schengen Visa applicants are required at the Embassy. So as to bear untimely expenses that may occur at the time of the travel or during their stay in Switzerland.

  6. Work Permit

    If applicant’s stay in Switzerland is for work purposes, then the applicant must carry a copy of work permit along with permission from the authorities allowing the applicant to work in Switzerland.

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