Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you are eligible to visit Switzerland even if you have a Schengen visa but you are not allowed to stay in Switzerland for a longer period than the country that you have visa for. If you wish to stay in Switzerland for a longer period you require a Switzerland visa.

You can obtain a Switzerland visa by applying for the visa online with us. We will fix an appointment with the authorities that issue visa after you fill your application form available online and our team will guide you in regards to the documentation and verification process that you’ll undergo before the issuance of visa.

Once you fill the application form, our agency will book an appointment with the consulate. Documentation process and person’s verification is carried out at the Embassy. This whole procedure may take 12-15 working days.

You are required to present an ID card/passport that has to be valid till your stay in Switzerland. Secondly you must not:

  • Be the focus of any on the alert activity that restricts you to enter the Swiss Borders.
  • Be a menace to Swiss National security, civic health or pose a threat to any of the high order-ranking Swiss Official.
  • Be sent in exile from Switzerland or be barred to enter Swiss grounds.

The requirement of Visa to enter Swiss borders depends upon the country the applicant belongs to. For people from Schengen zone, you do not require a visa to enter Switzerland. If you belong to a different country then you must check the Visa requirement online to get the perfect facts in regards with the visa requirement.

You can apply for a tourist visa while visiting for events, public gatherings, visiting a relative or a friend or for business/schooling. It is termed as a Type C visa and can be obtained for a period of 90 days that makes it valid for you to enter entire Schengen zone.

To work in Switzerland you require a work permit issued by the authorities along with a Switzerland/Schengen visa.

But for staying for a period longer than that of 90 days you are advised to apply for a Type D visa. This visa is a national visa given to people who plan to stay in Switzerland for more than 90 days. This visa has to be approved by the authorities formerly.

You can download the application form available on our website. However, if you are still unable to download it you may contact us either by way of email or Call us at …………

Tourists with Schengen tourist Visa may stay in Switzeerland for a maximum period of 90 days after which they have to leave Schengen region and apply for another visa.

Local crowd of any place always welcome tourists from all parts of the world. Though, there are some tourists trying unintentionally or intentionally to disrespect the nation or the values that they preach might upset some of the locals and you don’t want to mess with a Swiss local as they all have to serve for army till the age of 42. Hence, the Swiss are trained and posses weapons as well due to their service for Swiss Military.

The Schengen visas are valid till a period of Five years depending upon the need of the applicant and as of approved by the consulate. Consulate/Embassy also decides the number of entries that are allowed for the applicant to enter the country. This decision depends upon the documents submitted and the purpose of stay solely.

If your visa request has been rejected by the Embassy you are subjected to the right to appeal for the same within a period of 30 days from the reception of the refusal letter. The rejected applicant must appeal with a letter written in German, Italian or maybe French.

Switzerland has a population of around seven and a half million that is spread diversely in the various parts of Switzerland ranging from German to Romansh where latter is the least spoken language amongst all. French is prevalent in the western part of Switzerland with Italian being spoken in Southern part. German is spoken in the majority of Switzerland covering the north, central part and east of Switzerland. Romansh is spoken by approximately .9 % of Swiss citizens.

Shops in Switzerland are open till 4 o’ clock in the evening and remain closed until Monday morning. However, there is a chance that you may find a sort of a mini mart open near railway stations on Sundays. Contrary to that in villages and country-side shops and restaurants close only for lunch breaks. Hence, there remains no reason for you to worry about eating arrangements.

It may always be confusing for you to decide between the seasons to visit Switzerland as it:

  • Exhibits charismatic sceneries and landscapes from April to March- the summers. Best time for adrenaline junkies to evince the flow in their veins.
  • Bespoke of silence in ice, the glittery ice flakes and mountains covered in snow plainly describe its beauty and serenity in a comforting way. Winter-sports lovers are the majority of the visitors during mid-January to March.

You can visit many places during your trip to Switzerland but if you visit during winters, you must definitely visit the Ski camps at almost every hill. It’s recommended for tourists to visit Alps whenever they visit Switzerland. You can also visit villages and towns that are in fact highly developed compared to other countries’.

Zurich’s railway station is the largest railway station in the country with over 40 platforms and 2900 trains running per day making it the busiest railway station in the entire world. Hence, getting around in Switzerland is probably the easiest task at hand. You can also travel by way of bus and tram, tickets to those are available at the stations.

Speaking conclusively, yes, Switzerland is an expensive country in fact one of the expensive countries in the world. However, there are some measures that you can take to ease out the expenses for example; there are various types of passes available in Switzerland that will lower your travel expenses up to an extent. Rest, the expenses depend up on the class of services that you avail.

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